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StavAIRStu_cropPM-GM  - framed 345w“Mike Stavrou came to work with me in London at the old Air Studios in Oxford Circus – a long time ago. He was not the run of the mill sort of extrovert recording engineer that one expects in a busy studio and I was struck by his quiet and modest way of going about his tasks. Later, when I got to know him really well, I began to understand his approach to recording and mixing. Mike thinks deeply about both the music, and the technology that we have to use to make music work. He has never been afraid to experiment and he helped me on many sessions, achieving great sounds without any input from me. Over the years he has built an impressive list of clients who, like me, appreciate his skill in obtaining a fine sound both during recording and afterwards in the mix. Ask our greatest classical guitar player, John Williams, who his chosen engineer is and he will pick Mike Stavrou without hesitation.”

Sir George Martin (Grammy Award winning Producer, The Beatles)

George surprised me with this as the forward for my book. Thank you for a wonderful life, George.


“Having studied music production at Abbey Road Institute, I knew there was only one person I wanted to mix my first original track. Mike Stavrou is a legend in the audio production world. His book ‘Mixing with your Mind’ literally blew my mind when I read it. Stav collaborated with me on the mix from start to finish and delivered a final track that not only captured the emotion of my song but amplified it about 100 times. What more could you ask for?!  Stav doesn’t just mix your song, he creates a whole microcosm of a world within it.”

Emily Toner  Singer / Songwritter / Producer – Byron Bay NSW


From the very first time we met Michael Stavrou (Stav), we knew he was the man for the job.  His passion for what he does best, truly showed.  We explained to him that we had produced an album in a lounge room over the past 3 yrs and that we had no idea of what we were doing.  We were lucky enough that Stav liked what we did.  The mixing process took 3 months of us visiting and sitting with him, as well as conversing through email and phone. Each time we heard a new mix of a song, our minds, and senses were just blown away.  When we were looking at finding someone to mix, Christine Beatty (Dean’s Fiance) kept telling us ‘Start at the top, and work your way down’.  So we did – and we finished at the top!!  It was like having our very own George Martin..lol. Stav’s technique and experience was something you just can’t imagine finding. He understood the music, and enjoyed the song’s written by Dave Cavanagh.  We started to hear excitement in his voice as we delivered another song to him. We feel we have made a connection for life, and that Stav will always be part of our team.  One of the most amazing aspects to the mix of the Faceless Mirror album is the difference between how it sounds on speakers versus headphones. On headphones you can hear how much time is put into little things like reverse reverb’s, fading delays, effects, and panning. We allowed Stav artistic license on many of the tracks, and were never disappointed with the outcome.  Thank You Stav, we love you and we love your work mate.

Dave, Dean, Derek, Mark, & TonyFaceless Mirror / NSW


WWW:      https://facelessmirror.wixsite.com/facelessmirror

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FacelessMirror.Band

Bandcamp: https://facelessmirror.bandcamp.com/releases

Streaming: https://gyro.lnk.to/JourneyHome


“Mike Stavrou was the recording engineer for all the live tracks on my debut album ‘This is Life’. Mike was able to capture the ambience, energy and cohesion of all the musicians and create an energy that emulates the feeling of going to live gig but with the high end sound that Mike is renowned for. I couldn’t be happier with the final result and Mike Stavrou had a massive part in its success.”

Alex Gibson (Singer/Songwriter – Sydney)

CLICK HERE to listen to Alex Gibson’s album ‘This Is Life’ that Stav worked on.

“As a producer I know that the quality and success of a record has it’s foundations in the skill and talent of the tracking engineer.

I was fortunate to have worked with Stav as the tracking engineer at Sydney’s 301 studios on a very challenging album. My brief to him was clear and very suited to his skills…. I wanted to take the artist, Alex Gibson, into the studio and record the whole band live, with no click, and to keep all the elements (including the lead vocal!) on the final recording. This placed extra pressure on the engineer, musicians and the artist, but it made for a tremendously musical recording.

I was astonished at how meticulously and surgically Stav was able to place and choose microphones and how he was able capitalise on spill to capture a magical sound. It was as if he had mixed the band simply from the microphone placement! Later, when I pulled up the tracks to start mixing, I discovered that there was very little work to be done! It was an awe inspiring and eye opening experience for me.

Stav is truly committed to his craft. He bridges the gap between old school and new world like a masterful wizard. I am forever grateful to Stav for investing his heart and soul into the project and for making my job as producer so much easier. Thanks Stav!”

James Englund (Head Producer – Crash Symphony Productions)

“Alex Gibson’s album was released a week ago and it seems to be killing it on iTunes! It’s approaching no #1 on the singer songwriter charts and rapidly rising the overall charts.

I just wanted to say a big thanks again for all your contribution to the record. We couldn’t have done without you on board.

Many thanks Stav.”

James Englund (Crash Symphony Productions)

CLICK HERE to listen to Alex Gibson’s album ‘This Is Life’ that Stav worked on.

“When mixing with Stav, I felt involved throughout every step. The communication and ability to preview the outcome along the way was fantastic. The preconceptions of how the mix should sound in my head were challenged. This is invaluable in an age of infinite options/unlimited indecisions. The focus on every sound having a purpose and its own time to shine resulted in a mix that is inspired. It continues to grow on me each day and I constantly uncover a new detail on each listen. This process along with the music itself has resulted in a work I will enjoy for many years to come.”

Karl Frederick – Melbourne (Album – ‘The Pretense’)

“Every time I listen to this mix, I hear something I did not hear before. This time through I hear the subtleties to the voice mix – it really rises and falls. One vocal part is vibrato and soft and then appears to go into like a valley on its own for a few bars and then rises again. It is a slick mix.”

Angie Paice


“I met Mike Stav whilst having a coffee with a mutual friend of mine and immediately liked him. I was later informed of the great work he has done over the years. I then realised that he was the man ‘sent’ to me to mix the
songs from my desk recording of my recent CD Launch.



Mike is so professional, has an amazing ear and genuinely enjoyed working with me and on my songs. He listened to what I said, he understood all the nuances of my voice and I am ecstatic with the final mix he gave me to add to my video footage. I can’t wait to work with him again.”

Dee Dee Lavell – NSW

“I have recently finished mixing Laura Targett’s album “Fragile”  with Mike Stavrou (Stav). It has been a great pleasure, as a producer , to work with Mike on these mixes. Mike has a real passion for mixing and is very creative and out of the box in his approach. He makes it a point to understand each song’s history , essence and desired effect and then translate that into the mix. His mixes are dynamic, spacious and every element has a place and purpose. His Knowledge and use of the tools in his palate is broad and he uses them with precision and great detail. The instruments and vocals sound great!

He is a real Mixing Artist. Mike worked way beyond our expectations to try any idea that was suggested and make sure we were 110% happy with the mixes. I would recommend to any artist/producer to mix with Mike Stavrou any time.”

Avishai Barnatan  / Producer – NSW    avishaibarnatan(at)gmail.com       www.avishaibarnatan.com

“Stav, I would like you to put what I write on your website “word for word” if it’s not too long.
First of all, I bought your book because a friend of mine bought it and told me I would really love your perspective on mixing.  He knows how critical I am about things and as you already know, I have read it 3 times and am going through it for the 4 time now to print your perspective into my mind.

My song ‘Life Should Be Easy’, is the largest production I have ever created.  Some 49+ tracks I think we reached in the end.  I know you enjoyed my version however, your final production has my ears in awe.  Working with you, and of course even talking with you, is a wonderful experience for someone like me who is a sponge for mixing knowledge.  As a person who is very close to my work and very skeptical at the best of times, I have never felt concerned with you at the helm of my project.

You are well aware that in the past I had some big problems with an engineer interstate which is what led me to learn mixing in the first place.  You have given back my faith in working with professionals once again and I will definitely be asking you to do the majority of my album as I create it over the next few months to a year (these things cannot be rushed).  And I truly hope to sit with you on one of these projects as well.

If I had to quote the most wonderful thing you ever said to me during the project, it would have to be when you said, and I will quote as best I can;  “Adam, I want you to give me instructions, I will treat them as if you are already a genius”.  What a breath of fresh air.  I knew exactly what you meant by this.  That I am the producer and I am in charge of my project, you are my mix engineer and my decisions are final and at your fingertips command.  It honestly felt like my hand was on the faders with a time delay only measurable by the time it takes to send an email.

For anyone reading this, do you know how important it is that as the songwriter and producer of the track, that it is imperative that you maintain creative control?  How often do egos drive a project of who is the most advanced?  Arguing with your engineer over decisions is awkward and when you do not consider yourself a professional, it makes you feel inferior.  I never felt like this with Stav…not even once during the whole process.  I gave Stav clear constructive requests without emotion, always maintaining the utmost respect (which he well deserves) and he always afforded me the utmost of respect for my current level of knowledge.  It felt very professional throughout the entire project…and fun as well.

I would recommend Stav for any mix project you might have.  He is worth his weight in gold as far as I am concerned.  You are welcome to contact me if you would like to discuss the project I started with Stav.  I would be only too happy to recommend him.
And thank you again Stav, you have made my day!”

Adam McCarthyLatitude33  Studio Sydney
studio(at)strictlycomfort.com.au   Vocalist/Producer/Engineer


“Working with Michael Paul Stavrou is a very special experience. He always brings a fresh attitude to the project and ensures that whatever goes through his hands will be quality. His perfectionism combined with his rich experience in the industry helps him deliver the product fast and efficiently.

Stav’s long list of people he’s worked with is proof of his genius and we feel incredibly lucky to have worked with him on two separate occasions.”
Dominic Rado, Hunter & Smoke


Stav recorded the music for these videos without using any isolation screens to allow for better video.

“I’ve worked in the theatre, film and television industry for 35 years. I’ve never liked name-droppers, but in order to get a point across i have to say that I have been extremely lucky to have worked with people like Neil Jordan, Jeremy Irons, Steven Berkoff and many more. Having studied directing at NIDA I have also been fortunate to have some remarkable teachers and mentors. The reason I say all this, is because it is rare to meet and work alongside such a perfectionist as Michael “Stav” Stavrou. I recognise when I am in the presence of someone special, who knows their field and line of work absolutely to the maximum possible level. It was an honour and a pleasure to have worked with Stav, one that I hope to repeat. I have no doubt, that he is a major reason for the success of any project he is involved in.”

Best, JohnRado for Hunter & Smoke video director / producer




The recording is way better than I ever thought possible. I’m blown away:)

Maria Stratton – (Singer/Songwriter) – Mullumbimby NSW


“Mixing with your mind” me encantar. Me hizo escuchar la música y todo lo que conlleva de otra manera. Cuando decidimos mezclar y masterizar nuestro primer LP con TRIAL decidimos buscar un sonido de calidad y tuvimos la gran suerte de poder contar con la ayuda del señor Michael Stavrou. Trabajar con Stav es fantástico! Es amable, paciente, visionario, apasionado, tenaz…la comunicación es intensa y sincera, y consigue captar de lleno la emoción de las canciones. El sonido es intenso, elegante, contundente y dinámico. Sonido redondo, mayúsculo…real.
Su currículo lo avala, claro, pero su generosidad y creatividad lo completa. Leyendo su libro lo entiendes, trabajando con el, lo experimentas.
Nunca imaginar que TRIAL pudiera sonar tan bien.

Xavi Ribera TRIAL Album ( y tota la pesca)

Muchas gracias Stav!

LP sold here!