Recording & Mastering


from the beginning!


If you would like Stav to be involved with your project from the very beginning, he is available to record your songs as a freelance recording engineer at the studio of your choice. Whether it’s a solo guitar, six piece band or 90 piece orchestra, Stav will travel to any studio or venue in the world.*

His wealth of experience continues to capture the best sound most of these spaces are able to produce.


Below is a video of the SBS Youth Orchestra (95 players) that Stav was hired to record. The brief was, ‘We want a big natural sound that’s beautifully balanced but because of all the TV cameras flying over the orchestra we don’t want to crash into any of your mics. In fact we don’t even want to see any mics!’

Stav loves a challenge and here are the results. Stav invented a new microphone array for this live event that everyone loved, from the producers, conductor, to the camera men, and now (hopefully) you the audience.


For more information about Recording, please contact Stav directly through our Contact Page


Mastering… the final touches


Stav offers a mastering service to his mixing clients. His philosophy to mastering is simple. Instead of competing in the Loudest War to be the loudest song on the block, Stav believes it’s more important for your music to grow on the listener and to reach out and touch them. As he would say: If you want your music to kick ass, don’t chop off its arms and legs! And that takes care and experience in making sure the quality of the song doesn’t suffer so he can deliver the biggest sound possible with lots of textures and warmth.

Stav will master songs mixed by someone else just so you have a Stav Approved one under your belt to compare or take to the pressing plant, and… ATTENTION! If you do want the loudest record on the block, he can do that too – (which is even easier to do but not recommended).


For more information, please contact Stav directly through our Contact Page.

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*Costs involved will vary depending on the location of the studio. Contact Stav directly for a quote.