Mixing w/ Stav

Mixing… maximum illusion w/ minimum voltage!


Stav’s technique starts by getting inside your head and asking how you imagine your music, what inspired it, the story behind it and what you want your music to say. Then he sends you away while he listens to what the music has to say to him and meld the two together.

For mixing, he has a somewhat unique and well oiled technique to approach any mix, focusing on developing the original and inspired elements of the production FIRST rather than just robotically beginning with the bass & drums.

Stavs mixes will grow on you due to the detail in the depth and psychoacoustic subtlety.


“You provided me with my dream mix.”

Marshall Heiser

The focus on every sound having a purpose and its own time to shine resulted in a mix that is inspired.

Karl Frederick (Producer – Melbourne)



Here’s a brief outline of how Stav works with you:


1.)  Stav will talk with you about the record.
2.)  He will then tell you exactly how best to prepare the audio for delivery.
3.)  Once Stav has received the tracks, he will import the prepared files and call you with any questions and then he will disappear into the mix for 24hrs. When he’s happy he will send you Take 1.
4.)  You then listen for 24hrs on all your best reference monitors and come back with a list of thoughts, praises, tweaks, or changes. Then Stav will go through your list and send Take 2, and so on until complete.


Stav delivers:
    • One maximum resolution uncompressed mix,
    • One Quasi Mastered version of Final Mix to burn to audio CD,
    • One TV backing track (no vocal) so the band can mime with a live lead vocal, and
    • Audio CD and DATA disc OR lossless FLAC files via FTP.
    • Price excludes Express Postage, shipping, physical discs & materials.


“As usual, just when it all looks a bit grim, you come along and completely blow us away and
make following the dream all worthwhile again.”

Neil K.L. (UK Artist)


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