Stavs Pulsed Pink Noise Generator

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Here’s a VST software gizmo GURANTEED to make your time-based echo and reverb effects sound groovier, tighter, and more alive or your money back. How?
It generates a noise that, when fed into your reverb units, will turn your ears up so you can hear what every parameter clearly does and how it will fit the rhythm of your song. This technique has been my secret weapon for years.
Special pulses Turn Your Ears Up and Make Your Brain Feel Bigger by automatically focusing your attention on what normally requires Golden Ears to detect. You’ll probably want to own a copy of Mixing With Your Mind to get the most out of it, althought it does come with instructions. I used to have to create a complicated patch to generate this noise but now it’s just one click to use when inspiration strikes.
TESTIMONIAL: I recently bought your ‘pulsed pink noise generator’ and now I can hear everything. It’s so easy to ascertain how the effect will work when you finally bring your audio track into the same signal path…OMG fantastic stuff. Adam – Sydney
VST plugin works with ALL versions of Windows 32 & 64bit. ***NOT for Mac OSX***
This technique alone is worth $100 and has been my secret to achieving those slippery grooves. Stav