Welcome to StudioStav!


StudioStav is a mixing and mastering suite owned and run by world renowned Sound Balance Engineer Michael Stavrou (“Stav”). Having worked with some of the music industry’s most elite artists and producers, movie and miniseries soundtracks, Stav has crafted an extensive knowledge and technical ability that will bring your music to life – bigger, clearer, punchier and more dynamic than you’d ever imagined.


Are you:

  • an artist that wants your music to pop and be radio ready?
  • a producer after an engineer to bring out the absolute best in your artist?
  • a record company searching for that magic ingredient that will lift your artist’s sound to a whole new level?
  • a producer/director of a movie or short film looking for someone to bring your soundtrack to life?
  • or are you simply frustrated that your mix just doesn’t sound right?



Stav has worked with artists & producers the world over, such as Paul McCartney, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, George Martin, Crowded House, David Bowie, Diana Ross, John Butler … but what makes Michael so unique and the right engineer for you?


From recording to mixing and mastering, Michael’s passion is in bringing your music to life, making it big, clear, dynamic, punchy and very likable! Discover more about what we have to offer you here at Studio Stav.

Credits & Achievements

From mainstream artists to orchestras, movie soundtracks and more, discover who Michael has worked with over the years and the awards and accolades he has gained along the way.

"He bridges the gap between old school and new world like a masterful wizard."

James Englund (Head Producer - Crash Symphony Productions)

Peak Potential…


Imagine saying to yourself, ” I never thought my music would ever sound this good?” … then speak with Stav and bring your imagination to life!


If you are looking for:

  • someone to make your music inspire and touch people,
  • your music to have “HIT” potential,
  • a mix with detail, depth and psychoacoustic subtlety,
  • your production to sound confident and instantly likable, then contact Stav today.


Taught by the best, worked with the best… will you be next? No project is too tough, too big or too small. Can even tailor services to fit your budget.