A Feast for the Ears…


Situated in the stunning surroundings of Byron Bay Australia sits Michael Stavrou at his mixing desk doing what he does best – mixing music. Tell Stav what you imagine your music could be at its peak potential. His passion and #1 priority is to bring your music to life, making it big, clear, dynamic, punchy and gutsy!

Stav mixes recordings sent to him from all over the world on this ‘E72 Smart Console’ – the best realisation of his patented ARC Technology design, boosting creativity by eliminating hundreds of keystrokes. A reviewer for the Audio Engineering Society’s Science Journal said “It’s the most significant advanced in control surface design in 50 years.” Stav says, “The console steps out of the way so you can get straight into the music and create more efficiently than on any other console type.”


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Fast-paced peak at Stav’s amazing  Smart Console.   (hand model – Stav)    1 min

Doesn’t your project deserve to be mixed by an engineer this inspired?


The baby (affordable) version – Tango      4 mins